Quantum Leadership Activism

It is the vision of a brand new model of managerial action that develops from the encounter between the best disciplines of leadership with the discoveries of neuroscience and recent theories of quantum physics.

In this perspective, managers can develop creativity, concentration, and other mental and aptitude faculties through practices aimed at awakening consciousness (meditation, practices of awareness and intentional activation), and companies can take on the great challenges of our era by combining growth with the improvement of human life and the conservation of the planet.

It is linked to Quantum Activism, a paradigm founded in the USA by the physicist professor A. Goswami of the University of Oregon, and distributed in Italy by Professor G. Pagliaro through scientific events promoted by the European Quantum Activism Association. 

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Who We Are

Dr.Eng. D.Signorini - Prof. G.Pagliaro. From the encounter between Management and Science.

What do we do

Develop and promote a brand new leadership model. A dream has become a mission.

Quantum leadership

From the integration of Leadership with Neuroscience and Quantum Physics.


Expanding consciousness, developing creativity. Awaken your mind to co-create the future.


Workshops, Conferences, Seminars. The encounters that have made history.


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